On October 26, 2021, the Rokiškis Regional Museum conferred the fourth award upon Indrė Zelbaitė-Ciesiūnienė, the independent documentary producer who planned and filmed the remarkable „Zachor/Atsimink“ series of 15, one-hour programs about Jewish life in individual Lithuanian towns.  The programs were presented in the Fall of 2020 on Lithuania‘s national television network, LRT.

From left:  Nijolė Šniokienė, director of the Rokiškis Regional Museum; Hon. Ramūnas Godeliauskas, Mayor of the Rokiškis Regional Municipality; Documentarian Indrė Zelbaitė-Ciesiūnienė; Giedrius Kujelis, vice-director and historian of the Museum; and Phil and Aldona Shapiro.