Remembering Litvaks, Inc.

Remembering Litvaks, Inc., (“RLI”) is a 501(c)(3), non-profit entity that undertakes projects dedicated to remembering the Jewish communities that existed in Lithuania, including programs to research, memorialize, and teach the history of Jewish life in Lithuania and to improve the physical condition of gravesites and other locations of historical significance to Lithuanian Jewry – “Litvaks.”

Old Rokiskis Cemetery

RLI’s first project was to legally protect and mark the old Jewish cemetery in Rakisik / Rokiškis, a town in northeastern Lithuania.


RLI makes annual grants to the Rokiškis Regional Museum to conduct research related to the region’s Jewish communities.

Signs Project

At RLI’s suggestion, the Rokiškis Regional Museum is working with RLI and experts in several fields to design a series of informational signs.

Al Jaffee Exposition

Al Jaffee is best known as the American political cartoonist who has contributed to MAD Magazine since the 1950s.

The Ruvin Bun Award

The award is named for a Jewish volunteer who fought in Lithuania’s wars of independence and died at Giedraičiai.


Janina Kubilienė, an inspired teacher of history in Ponedel / Pandėlys, began an initiative to learn about the history of the Jewish communities.


RLI works with Lithuanians who seek to remember the Jewish communities that existed in their towns.  We also undertake projects that will teach people about Litvak civilization.

Unmarked Holocaust Killing Sites

Remembering Litvak, Inc., is assisting in the efforts of Rokiškis Regional Museum to have the Lithuanian government officially recognize and protect two previously unmarked Holocaust killing sites.

Vilnius Jewish Public Library Charity

RLI has agreed to accept financial contributions dedicated to the Vilnius Jewish Public Library Charity and Support Foundation (“Foundation”).  

Contact Us

If you have any suggestions or comments, or if you would like to support our efforts, please to contact us.