Topographic Maps of Eastern Europe: An Atlas of the Shtetl:

This website contains (1) maps from the late 18th Century though the 20th Century; (2) articles about shtetls, migration, and regional history; and (3) links to many research resources.  It was created and is maintained by Hap Ponedel.


Maps of Areas in the Commonwealth of Poland-Lithuania,

This website contains historical regional, national, and town maps of areas that were in the Commonwealth of Poland-Lithuania.  It was created and is maintained by Andrius Kapočiūnas (Andrew Kapochunas).   Some of the maps are superb for identifying hamlets and villages that may no longer appear on modern Lithuanian maps, such as this 1911 German map of the “Wilkomierz” (Ukmergė) area, including Novo-Alexandrovsk (Zarasai), Rokiškis, Kupiškis, Panevėžys, Ragova, Pumpėniai, Kavarskas, Molėtai, and Lyntupy,

See also, Maps4U Old Maps, www.Maps4U.LT, which has an extensive collection of maps as well as World War II German aerial photographs of places in Lithuania.


U.S. Army Topographical Maps, Series 501, U.S. Army Map Service, posted by the University of Texas Libraries:

NN34-3 (based upon 1939 and Soviet borders) – Šiauliai-Telšiai-Jurbarkas-Kelme-Raseiniai

NN34-6 (based upon 1939 borders) – Kaunas-Suvalki-Druskininkai

NN35-1 (based upon 1939 borders) – Jonava-Panevėžys-Rokiškis-Ukmergė-Utena-Linkmenys

NN35-2 (based upon 1939 and Soviet borders) – Dvinsk (Daugavpils)- Zarasai-Švenčionys

NN35-4 (based upon 1939 and Soviet borders) – Alytus-Vilnius-Eišiškis-Ašmiany


NN 35-5 (based upon 1939 and Soviet borders) – Smorgon-Lake Naroch-Molodechno-Volozhin-Dokshitsy

NN 35-7 (based upon 1939 and Soviet borders) – Lida-Slonim-Dzyatlava-Navahrudek/Naugardukas

NN 35-8 (based upon 1939 and Soviet borders) – Baranovichi-Nesvizh-Minsk-Slutsk