At the request of the Kupiškis Ethnographic Museum, RLI contributed to the funding and creation of a Lithuanian-Hebrew book of Jewish holiday recipes, Kupiškyje gaminti žydų virtuvės valgiai.  Each dish was prepared according to its recipe and a photograph of the finished dish accompanied each recipe.  RLI was invited to submit a recipe and offered the recipe of Mildred Kramer Shapiro (b. 1924) for farmers’ cheese blintzes, which are served during the Jewish holiday of Pentacost (Shavuos, Sekminės), which is celebrated seven weeks after Passover.  In czarist times, her Kramer ancestors had lived in Vabalninkas, which is 16 miles northwest of Kupiškis.

 The Lithuanian-Hebrew book was published in 2022.  With the museum’s permission, the book has been posted here.

In 2023, RLI commissioned the Museum to create and publish a Lithuanian-English version of the book.  With the museum’s permission, that version of the book is posted here.

Mildred K. Shapiro showing her recipe in the Jewish holiday cuisine cookbook.

Mildred K. Shapiro showing the cover of the Jewish holiday cuisine cookbook.