Horodok, in the Maladeczna Region of Belarus, is a small town that in czarist times had been in the Molodeczno uyezd (district) of the Russian Empire’s Vilna Gubernya, https://www.jewishgen.org/communities/community.php?usbgn=-1943310.  A young Belarusian, Aliaksei Zhakhavets, has several initiatives to remember the Jewish community of the town.  See, for example, https://horodok.by/places/jewish_cemetery/ , https://horodok.by/2020/09/29/brajn_berman_story/, and https://horodok.by/2020/09/29/haimke/.

Upon Aliaksei’s request, RLI is supporting his effort to create three-dimensional, panoramic images of the shtetl using photographs and still images from video clips from the 1930s.  If his work is successful, his techniques can be used to create virtual panoramic scenes of other shtetls in Lithuania and Belarus.